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the sparkling creative

Dec 18, 2017

Running a creative business can be lonely. Especially when your first starting out or you've just hit a new milestone growing it. Questions, problems, and challenges pop up everywhere you look and the people surrounding you in traditional jobs, give one weird and not so helpful advice after another. Then it's time to find you a coach or mentor to help you grow this creative adventure of your dreams.

Takeaways from today's show:


  • Business looks very different from the outside than from the inside. Which means not everything you'll see working for someone else will work out for you.
  • Some business looks really good from the outside, but still, their finances are a big mess.
  • For every stage of your creative business is the right coach out there. Growing your business means, that you'll have to get help from different coaches, with different styles and knowledge over the time.
  • There are many different setups to work with a coach, like a group coaching, weekly 1-1 sessions, by weekly sessions, monthly sessions, one of intensives sessions or maybe even an intensive for a couple of days. Keep in mind when choosing the right set up for yourself keep your budget in mind.

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I've been working with so many creatives that thought the next grand business strategy or a new creative product they're going to offer would bring them more of what they wanted. 

More money! 

More fulfillment! 

More time! 

More happiness!

However many of them never got what they wanted. 

Are you ready to dive in fully and turn your creative passion into the creative business that is not only paying your bills but also allowing you to live the lifestyle your dreaming of?

Then let's talk! Schedule a mini session with me, where we'll discover the right next move for your creative adventure. 


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