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the sparkling creative

Nov 20, 2017

What does it intake being a sparkling creative? Just having a glamorous looking glittering life or is their much more to it. Today I'm going to introduce you to all the different ways of being that go into being a sparkling creative. This episode is meant as an inspiration, motivation, and vision you could aspire to bring into life.



Takeaways from today's show:

  • Being a sparkling creative is more than just looking glamorous from the outside. It's about genuinely sparkling from the inside because you truly live your version of the sparkling creative life.
  • There is not just on sparkling creative; there are many different versions of being a sparkling creative.
  • A true sparkling creative: is creating work that is genuinely hers; is developing in the direction she wants to develop into; has time and the space to experiment with creative techniques, materials,...; is valued for the creative work their doing, financially and with recognition; has a drive to learn and try out new things; learns from her mistakes; wants to become better and better in her craft; accepts help when needed; supports and uplifts others; has an adventures attitude towards life; sees her creative work, business and life intertwined and takes care of all parts evenly; evolves and develops her personality; believes that people, circumstances, and abilities can change; strives to shine in all part of her life; is an action taker, who doesn't wait until things happen to her; she appreciates progress over perfection; is someone that enjoys the good things in life; that is willing to see the good in everyone and everything;



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I've been working with so many creatives that thought the next grand business strategy or a new creative product they're going to offer would bring them more of what they wanted. 

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However many of them never got what they wanted. 

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