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the sparkling creative

Sep 23, 2020

Kickstart your creative dream life

It's time to create the creative dream life you've been dreaming of for years. It's time to leave the mess that is 2020 behind and restart your journey. 

We've been dabbling and holding back for a while and it's time to pick our work back up and create our creative dream life. 

The life that enables us to influence the world for good, the life that lets us live our truthfully. 

During the kickstart your creative dream life challenge, I help you reconnect with your intuition, so you can build the dream life that fits your desires. 

I can't give you the perfect step by step guide to building your dream, but I can help you find your guru, your perfect guide within yourself. 

So let's make magic happen. You're ready!

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I'll be sending you all the materials you need via email. 


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We've decided to try something new and exciting.

It's time to bring the 1-1 coaching magic to each and every one of you, via the Podcast.

Therefore I'm searching for brave creatives who are interested to get coached by yours truly while the conversation is recorded for the show.

No worries no- one will know it's you, we'll make sure to keep you anonymous.

If you're interested in being one of the lucky few who get a free coaching session on the show you can apply here and I'll see if you're a good fit.


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