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the sparkling creative

Jul 23, 2018

'Is it even possible to make a living doing that?' 'Oh your lucky you must have a rich husband?'

I think we've all heard a question or comment like this since we've started our creative business. It made a sad and frustrated and we felt how our chest is tightening up. Even though we know that out there a fellow...

Jul 16, 2018

Making sure your clients get an outstanding experience is the secret behind the success of wedding photographer Raymond Hatfield. He's the host of the beginner photography Podcast and is sharing his story of how he became a weddings photographer and the hard lessons he had to learn to make his passion a reality.


Jul 9, 2018

I'm sharing all about my journey in motherhood and business and what has helped me so far. Even though the journey of every single parent is different, there are probably a few things that can help us all to feel better navigating the chaos that business and kids bring in our life. Things get messy from time to time,...

Jul 2, 2018

Ever wondered which tools successful creative use in their business? Today is your chance to find out. I'll be walking you through all the tools I use in my creative business to run my online marketing. Because I know this Episode might need a bit of visual support, I made this Podcast episode a video Podcast. You can...