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the sparkling creative

Sep 18, 2017

Setting goals for yourself can be motivating, inspiring and empowering, but only when done right.

We all know the feeling when we haven't hit a goal, that's why I came up with my way of setting goals. Goals that inspire me and help me achieve them in the first place. Setting goals shouldn't be a thing where it's about competing, with yourself or with others, it's about getting things done, so you're getting closer to your big picture dreams and goals.

Join me in this Episode and learn more about how I'm setting goals that are achievable.

Highlights of today's show:

  • Set SMART Goals, which means make them specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. Make sure they point to your big picture vision for your life and business!
    Find your one priority, create your goals around it, so you're working on something you want to achieve.
  • Get clearance on which part of your goal is a short-term goal, something you should be working on right now and what is a long-term goal, something you can work on when you've achieved your short-term ones.
  • Don't demotivate yourself with unachievable goals! It's all about taking small steps over an extended period of time and not one big jump one time to get where you want to go.

Mentioned in the Show:


I've been working with so many creatives that thought the next great business strategy or a new creative product they're going to offer would bring them more of what they wanted. 

More money! 

More fulfillment! 

More time! 

More happiness!

However many of them never got what they wanted. 

Not because they weren't doing their best, not because they weren't offering their creative work to the world, but solely because they didn't even know what they wanted in the first place.

Can you see yourself in this? I certainly can from time to time. 

Are you in it right now? 

Then let me offer you a solution!

Join the free 7-day experience of the Achieve your dreams and make it sparkle 21-day challenge.

Become one of us and join the sparkling creative community!

Surround yourself with fellow creatives, that not only create sparkling creative pieces, but also sparkle when it comes to the financials of their creative adventures. Be part of a sparkling community and own your creative strength. We'll support you and help you live the sparkling creative life you've always dreamed about.

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