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the sparkling creative

Jun 11, 2020

We're a bit lost at the moment, 2020 turns out to be nothing like we've expected. It's chaotic, painful, and messy. 

Which is why we now need more than ever a safe place to recharge and refuel. 

Let's chat about how you can create your save place, without spending tons of money or throwing everything out. 


Mentioned on the Show:

Movie recommendations:

      • All movies of Tim Burton, especially Alice in Wonderland. The Great Gatsby. 

      • On Netflix: 

      • Goop 

      • the secret

      • I'm not your Guru

      • Brene Brown

      • Girl BOSS

      • Heal 

      • Feel Rich

      • Miss Americana


      • The Lively Show

      • Unlocking Us - Brene Brown

      • The Tony Robbins Podcast

      • The Jasmin Star Show

      • Art for your ears – the Jealous Curator

      • Rise Together

      • Rise Podcast

      • Do it for the process

      • Awesome with Alison


      • The year of yes – Shonda Rymes

      • Girl wash your face – Rachel Hollis

      • Girl stop apologizing – Rachel Hollis

      • Daring greatly – Brené Brown 

      • Braving the Wilderness – Brené Brown

      • Fire Starter Sessions - Danielle la Porte

      • Life's too short to go so fucking slow – Susan Lacke

      • Becoming – Michelle Obama

      • I know how she does it – Laura Vanderkamp

      • the princess saves herself in this one – Amanda Lovelace

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