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the sparkling creative

Aug 21, 2017


Sometimes we just get carried away and jump into a new adventure head over heels. However in some cases - for example when it comes to starting a creative business - this approach is often a bit risky.

That's why I thought we should talk about what you need to know about your creative work before you jump into making it a creative business.

We'll talk about when you're just not ready yet and when it's time to take the leap into creative entrepreneurialism. And of course, we'll also address how you can deepen your insights even when you have already achieved some higher levels in your creative work and process.

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Highlights of today's show:

  • It's too early to start a creative business when you don’t yet know what type of creative work you want to create. You should keep on practicing and deepening your knowledge about your creative skills if you do not yet know your craft inside and out.
  • It's fine to take the time and develop your creative work before you try to sell it! We all started out that way in the beginning and just had to take the time to develop our skills.
  • Sometimes, often when you're a wee bit of a perfectionistic, you tend to underestimate how well you have mastered your craft. Be honest with yourself and try to find out if your fear of the unknown is holding you back or do you need to master your craft even more before you can build a creative business around it.
  • There is a fine line between not being ready and keeping yourself small!
  • In case you’re already a master of your creative work, surround yourself with fellow creatives on your level of mastery or higher, discuss with them about yours, theirs and others creative work. Visit exhibitions, read books of people who agree and disagree with your way of creating art. Try new mediums, materials, and techniques to broaden your knowledge....
  • Take the time to develop your creative work. There is no rush! Some creatives started their career in their late 50s, 60s, 70s or even older. You have enough time.


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