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the sparkling creative

Jan 8, 2018

Being a sparkling creative can be though, having a supportive inner circle around you can be crucial in making things work. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you two types of supportive groups that can make your creative adventure a hell of a lot easier. Masterminds and accountability partners. Their many different ways to join a Mastermind group, so let me show you what might be a right fit for you. Plus I have some special guests in this Episode that are going to open up about their personal experiences with mastermind groups and accountability partners.

Takeaways from today's show:

  • A mastermind group is a place where you'll get help when things get though, in your creative business, it's a place where you celebrate each other's success small or big. It's a group where you get help when you need it. It's a place where you'll support others with your knowledge, and personal gifts and others do the same. You'll be getting motivation, inspiration, and accountability.
  • An accountability partner is someone you talk to once a week for 15 to 20 minutes. You'll talk about the successes of the past week, you reflect on things that went bad and well, plus you set goals for the upcoming week. It's also a partner that isn't pussyfooting; they'll call you out and remind you of what you've promised to achieve and get done. Of course, they'll also be pointing out possible solutions for your challenges.
  • The best thing to build a strong inner circle around you is to join a group coaching program, get a coach, find a mastermind group (paid or free) and team up with an accountability partner. Don't worry you won't need to find them all at once.

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